The businesses forming the thyssenkrupp group of companies develop cost-effective and resource-friendly solutions to the challenges of the future – primarily in the fields of climate protection and energy transition, digital transformation in the industry, and mobility of the future.

We are proud to be one of those businesses. We create long-term value by enabling our customers to develop innovative products and solutions, making the world a little bit better day by day. We think cross-functionally, we work together, and we function as a team ft – this is how we live engineering. tomorrow. together.

Working here is honestly pretty special: We are a thyssenkrupp company, part of a strong group, and this brings loads of advantages. At the same time, there's still only around 30 people working here, which means the working atmosphere is super friendly and the jobs we all have offer a wide range of varying tasks.

Linda Gruner
part of the team at thyssenkrupp Transrapid / TechCenter Control Technology since 2021
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Innovation powered by professional diversity: Who we are looking for

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We serve customers from a large variety of industries, each with their very own challenges, and we enjoy the wide range of different projects we get involved with. The professional diversity within the team is what makes us strong. We are proud to be bringing together experts from a variety of different backgrounds:

  • Engineering

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Mathematics

  • IT/ data science

  • Business and economics.

As we are well connected within the international group of companies thyssenkrupp AG, interesting and exciting project and tasks shape our everyday work life.

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Culture and atmosphere as seen by our employees

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We value appreciation

96 % of our employees feel valued and appreciated in their work place.

(Source: Employee Survey 2022)

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We provide security

"I experience stability and security in my work place and can thus satisfy my responsibilities." 91 % of our employees agree with this statement.

(Source: Employee Survey 2022)

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Favourite employer

82 % of our employees say: "I would recommend thyssenkrupp to my friends as a good place to work.“

(Source: Employee Survey 2022)

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Fairness is important to us

As an employer, we want to maintain a respectful and fair work environment for everyone. Our success proves us right. 100 % of our employees say: "People are treated fairly at our company."

(Source: Employee Survey 2022)