To this day, our company name unmistakably represents our past: We were the ones who developed the superspeed maglev system Transrapid. We have grown and evolved since then, having continuously enhanced our areas of excellence. Nowadays, we are consulting our customers in a vast range of different industries under the name TechCenter Control Technology.

Even though, after years of passionate development, the Transrapid was considered a masterpiece of German engineering in the 2000s, it was certain in 2008 that no Transrapid line would be built in Germany: The costs for building the required infrastructure seemed too high, and there was a lack of backing by political parties. However, the company thyssenkrupp Transrapid GmbH continued to exist - although with fewer employees and without any production facilities. It soon became evident that the existing engineering knowhow could be of high value in all kinds of other, highly innovative projects.  As a consequence, the TechCenter Control Technology was founded, subsequently focussing strongly on providing engineering services to customers from different backgrounds and different industries. Especially in the business areas 'Mechatronic Systems', 'Data Analytics & AI', and 'Simulation & Modelling' we offer our services these days.

Companies have to keep reinventing themselves, and that is more true now than ever before. The successful deployment of the Transrapid in Shanghai demonstrates the innovative power that lies within this company. Today, the team at TechCenter Control Technology use precisely this strength: Because of their broad technical expertise, innovative engineering projects they are involved with become a success.

Dr. Friedrich Löser
former Managing Director thyssenkrupp Transrapid GmbH, on the development of the company
The Shanghai Transrapid, built by thyssenkrupp, entering the airport station
Airport link: thyssenkrupp's Transrapid maglev train has been connecting Shanghai's airport with the inner city since the early 2000's

Development and production of the Transrapid train

1974 - 2008: Company roots

In the course of research concerning the development and application of high performance, high speed rail systems initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, ThyssenKrupp Henschel (nowadays: thyssenkrupp AG) developed the longstator propulsion magnetic levitation principle which is still in use today. This marked the beginning of the Transrapid era; and in the following years, many generations of Transrapid trains – each better, faster, and more efficient than the previous ones – were developed and built.

In the early 1990s, German authorities started planning various national superspeed maglev links – like the connection between Hamburg and Berlin at first, then the Munich airport line, and the 'Metrorapid' in the west of Germany. However, the series production vehicle TR08 ended up only being used on international ground: It has been connecting the Chinese mega city of Shanghai with its international airport since December 2022, at a speed of 430 km/h.

Screen with futuristic pixels showing the words TechCenter Control Technology in white writing
thyssenkrupp Transrapid's experts have been working under the name TechCenter Control Technology since 2012, applying knowledge and knowhow in different industries

Founding the TechCenter Control Technology (TCCT)

2008 - 2012: Every end is a new beginning

It was evident in 2008 that a Transrapid line would not be built within Germany – which made it nearly impossible to market the product at all. It was with a heavy heart that the production site in Kassel was closed, only keeping the Munich facility of the company in operation.

However, we quickly realized there was plenty of potential for using our acquired expertise in other areas: Especially in Systems Engineering and with regards to electronic and digital systems, our knowhow could be applied to various projects in a lot of different industries. In 2012, with the support of the management board of the thyssenkrupp AG, the TechCenter Control Technology was founded as a group-wide competence centre in Munich. Since then, our team of experts have been working under this name whilst continuously broadening our range of business areas.

TCCT as engineering service provider and digital accelerator

2012 - today: Using our competencies in new business areas

Two TechCenter engineers working together to develop mechatronic component
Solving complex tasks with respect to mechatronic systems: Day-to-day business for our team at TechCenter Control Technology

> Mechatronic Systems

At the end of 2014, thyssenkrupp showcased a revolutionary concept for carrying passengers in elevators designed for skyscrapers and other tall buildings: Not only is it completely rope-free, but it operates multiple cars in one single shaft at the same time – in both, vertical and horizontal, direction.

This concept was enabled by the application of Transrapid technology and principles to the elevator concept. A transfer like that – applying the technology and principles of the maglev train Transrapid to another product – had not been done before, and it paved the road for subsequently increasing demand in project support by TechCenter Control Technology in the business area 'Mechatronic Systems'.

Find more information on our services here: Mechatronic Systems

Tablet computer being hold, displaying simulation of a control algorithm including key figures
Interactive tools visualize simulations developed by TechCenter experts; an example is the control of the complex plant network from the Project Carbon2Chem®

> Simulation & Modelling

The Carbon2Chem® project initiated by thyssenkrupp AG – bringing together 17 partners from science, industry, and commerce – is receiving more than €60 million in funding by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The aim of the project is to recover valuable chemicals from steel mill gases in steel production, i.e. to make CO2 emissions from the steel industry economically viable. Since the start of the project, our experts at TechCenter Control Technology have been involved in this lighthouse project and are responsible for an integrated simulation of the entire plant network.

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Data scientist from TCCT optimizes a neural network on tablet computer
TechCenter's digital solutions and products (e.g., for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, etc.) optimize the operation of industrial plants and machinery

> Data Analytics & AI

To make full use of the opportunities created by the continuing digitalization and to make existing thyssenkrupp products and applications even better than they already were – that was the declared objective when it was decided in 2016 to set up a new business area under the motto "digitalized expertise".

In 2020, we were even involved in the spin-off of a thyssenkrupp tech start-up: Together with thyssenkrupp Automotive, TCCT explored the question of whether it is possible to use sensor data generated in a vehicle to detect wear and tear or even minor damage in real time. Today, the resulting carValoo GmbH offers fleet operators and car sharing providers highly precise damage detection as a cloud-based IoT solution – including hardware and artificial intelligence.

At TechCenter Control Technology, our data scientists and AI specialists are currently focussing their activities on industrial plants and machinery, developing intelligent digital solutions customized to our clients' needs in order to optimize their processes and products.

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