Data Analytics & AI

for industrial applications in Chemicals, Mechanics, and more
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Smart data analytics & AI solutions for industrial applications: Optimize your products and processes

Tons of industrial data are generated every single day – but on its own, that data won't be of much use.

Our state-of-the-art data analytics tools and AI applications enable you to derive meaningful insights from your data, to optimize processes accordingly, and to achieve great business results.

Achieve the following benefits for your business:

  • Transparency and efficiency in plant operation

  • Higher safety and availability of plants and machinery

  • Lower operating costs

  • Improved product quality

  • Optimized allocation of resources

Monitoring & Analytics

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Gain more insights with less effort

What we do:

  • Easy-to-read presentation of complex plant data and operating conditions

    - as an automatically generated report or

    - online and in near-real time as a dashboard

  • Identifying a wide range of operating conditions, characteristic patterns, and anomalies

  • Determining performance indicators and analyzing their interaction with one another

  • Gaining an understanding of cause-and-effect relationships regarding the operational performance of the plant/machine

Your benefits:

  • Increased transparency through real-time monitoring of process operation and current plant performance

  • Discovery of critical plant conditions through intelligent alarm system

  • Possibility to initiate appropriate measures immediately

Our solutions and products:

Reports: Our automated reporting framework regularly and automatically generates reports with commented process analyses as well as maintenance recommendations for the monitored plant.

Dashboards: We provide the plant operator with a web dashboard via which he can receive current analyses interactively, in real time and, if desired, in the cloud worldwide. Doing that, we manage to aggregate even very complex data into clear visualizations.

Root-Cause-Analysis: When plant complexity is high, the root causes of a faulty operating condition are often neither known nor determinable by conventional analysis methods. We use clustering methods to identify root causes.

Anomaly Detection: Anomalies in plant operation can indicate inefficiencies in the process, maintenance requirements, imminent component failure, or product quality deviating from the norm. Our machine learning algorithms detect these anomalies and alert the plant operator to take countermeasures.

(Remote) Condition Monitoring: Our automated reporting framework generates regular reports with annotated process analyses as well as maintenance recommendations for the monitored plant. In addition, we provide you / the plant operator with a web dashboard that provides up-to-date analyses interactively and in real time.

Predictive Maintenance

Plant operator in a factory hall analyses predictive maintenance information on a tablet computer

Plan your plant maintenance proactively

What we do:

  • Forecasting expected incidents, malfunctions, and critical wear

  • Predicting the expected remaining time in which components will still function reliably

Your benefits:

  • Proactive planning of maintenance and servicing measures

  • Lower downtime and overall costs

  • Higher efficiency in plant operation; increased productivity

  • Optimized spare parts inventory thanks to sufficient lead time to purchase new components

Our solutions and products:

Probability of Failure Prediction: Thanks to modern drone technology in combination with our Image Recognition, we monitor, for example, plant components in exposed environments. Using state-of-the-art software, we detect potential sources of error and determine failure probabilities. In doing so, we help optimizing production processes.

Remaining Operating Time Prediction: In order to make optimum use of the remaining operating time of a plant, it is important to estimate the remaining service life of machines and components as accurately as possible. For this purpose, we develop so-called soft sensors (variables determined in real-time from measured values) and train models that predict the increase in wear.

Predictive operation

Industry 4.0: Project engineer and plant operator in front of screens with AI and machine learning

Find the best operating conditions for your plant

What we do:

  • Modelling various scenarios with respect to different parameter settings and their impact on product quality and process efficiency

  • Replace costly real-life trial-and-error procedures with targeted simulations in a safe simulation environment

  • Using AI models and digital twins as a digital mirror image of a plant, providing guidance on optimal process parameters for the real plant

Your benefits:

  • Easy identication of process inefficiencies

  • Prediction of process behavior under specific conditions

  • Identification of optimized process parameters

  • Increased consistency in quality of goods produced

Our solutions and products:

Digital Twin: Our innovative solution offers companies the opportunity to optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. A virtual image of a physical plant enables real-time monitoring and analysis, providing valuable insights into plant performance and behavior. This allows potential problems to be identified at an early stage.

Our team of experts develops customized solutions that meet your individual requirements. With our powerful analytics tools, we deliver insights to make informed decisions and optimize plant operations.

Automated Performance Optimization

Overall view of a large, smart factory with visualized IoT network and a lot of technology

Optimize your plant operations with our automatic AI assistant

What we do:

  • Automated control of your equipment thanks to our state-of-the-art AI assistants

  • Continuous learning of the AI algorithm from newly generated data; adaptation to changing conditions within the plant

  • Control of plant settings and operating parameters by the AI controller for minimized resource use and maximized productivity

Your benefits:

  • Reduced manpower requirements

  • Limitation of possibility of human errors

  • Increased efficiency and maximized output

  • Reduced overall costs

Our solutions and products:

AI Controller: With our AI-based process control, we enable automated precision. In doing so, the system continuously analyzes data from sensors and other process parameters, and makes real-time adjustments regarding plant operations. This maximizes efficiency and minimizes downtime.

We love technology

We love technology

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To develop our data-driven solutions, we leverage a powerful combination of tools and technologies on state-of-the-art open source software.
This allows us to offer a wide range of data analysis and visualization tools, to machine learning and artificial intelligence methods. With our intuitive dashboard interfaces, you can quickly and easily access the information you need to make informed decisions.

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